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Power against Anti-Marriage Forces

Bible references: Mark 10:9

1. Every covenant of my father’s house, assign against my marriage, break and die.
2. Blood covenant preventing my marriage, break by fire.
3. Any powers, assign to kill me before or after my marriage, die.
4. Witchcraft embargo over my marriage break by fire.
5. Household wickedness saying no to my marriage, fall down and die.
6. Ancestral powers, working against my marriage fall down and die.
7. Evil secret affecting my marital life, be exposed.
8. Satanic delay of my marital breakthrough, break and die.
9. Powers of get and lose release me and die.
10. Evil marital pattern of my father’s and mother’s house break by fire.
11. Powers assigned to waste my future die by fire.
12. Arrow of marital failure back-fire.
13. Every witchcraft agenda for my marriage scatter and die.
14. Inherited curse affecting my marriage break by fire.
15. Spirit husband/wife, release me by fire.
16. Yoke of marital failure in my life break and die.
17. Powers programming unpardonable errors into my life die.
18. Foundational mistakes working against my marital life break by fire.
19. Any soul tie between me and my past boy/girlfriend break by fore.
20. Any covenant strengthening the yoke of marital failure in my life break and die.
21. Witchcraft covenant preventing marital breakthrough break and die.

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