Acts 2:17 says: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”

Matthew 13:25: “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed.. .”

  1. Holy Ghost fire fall upon my dream life now in Jesus name.
  2. O  Lord purge my dream life with your fire in Jesus name.
  3. O Lord cleanse my dream life with your fire in Jesus name.
  4. O Lord fill my dream life with your fire.
  5. I plug my dream life to the current of the fire of God in Jesus name.
  6. Fire of God melt away evil deposit in body through my dreams in Jesus name.
  7. O Lord turn my dream life to fire in Jesus name.
  8. Whether devil likes it or not dream of poverty in my life must die in Jesus name.
  9. Every spiritual rag covering my glory in my dream catch fire in Jesus name.
  10. I refuse to move in circle in my dream in Jesus name.
  11. Any power calling me to come down from mountain to the valley in my dream shut up your mouth and die in Jesus name.
  12. O God arise and deliver me from the valley of stagnancy in the dream in Jesus name.
  13. I trample upon serpent of poverty and stagnancy attacking me in my dream die in Jesus name.
  14. Arrows of poverty and stagnancy fired into my finance in the dream come out go back to sender now in Jesus name.
  15. Altar of poverty raised for my sake in the dream I pull you down in Jesus name.
  16. Every curse of poverty and slow progress fired into my life in the dream break and release now in Jesus name.
  17. I move out of dream of poverty and stagnancy by fire by force in Jesus name.
  18. Any power attacking my health with witchcraft power in the dream die in Jesus name.
  19. My blood reject and flush out evil deposits through dream in Jesus name.
  20. I cancel and nullify the effect of the flogging and whipping I received in my dream in Jesus name.
  21. Any power cooking my blood in any evil pot in the dream release me now in Jesus name.
  22. I vomit out of my system every evil food in my dream in Jesus name.
  23. I return back to sender every arrow of infirmity in my dream in Jesus name.
  24. I overcome every dream of infirmity and command my body, live in good health from henceforth in Jesus name.
  25. O stubborn pharaoh in my dream let me go by fire by force in Jesus name.
  26. Family strongman and familiar spirit attacking me in my dreams die in Jesus name.
  27. I discover and recover my greatness stolen from my dream from the hand of the enemy by force in Jesus name.
  28. My breakthrough shall not be regulated any more by demonic power in my dream in Jesus name.
  29. Every good thing stolen from me in the dream I recover all now by fire in Jesus name.
  30. Marine spirit appearing in my dreams your time is over disappear and reappear no more in Jesus name.



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    Matilda OJO says

    Pastor sir, in the past we used to get the program of manna water while daddy G.O is on and I know you are one of those that do help to post it on YouTube,but now it doesn’t show until two or even three days after the program. Pas sir if can be restore back to the time as before which was between 5pm and 7pm eastern time same day that would be a blessing to a lot of people. Thanks for your time and prayer.God bless you in jna.

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